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15 September 2014

Know Your BSNL Prepaid : Short Codes for Mobile Customers of BSNL Kerala Circle

BSNL Kerala Telecom circle, BSNL's most profit generating telecom circle, provides short codes for its 3G & 2G GSM Prepaid mobile customers. These codes will help the prepaid customers to know and verify the details of their GSM Mobile Number, Current Plan, Main Account Balance, Account Expiry date, Special Tariff Voucher details, F&F (Friends & Family) Numbers etc.

Now, Prepaid customers of BSNL Kerala telecom circle may easily know the details of Voice Usage balance, Latest Voice Call, Databalance, Friends and Family Numbers, SMS balance enquiry etc. by dialing these short codes.
Short Code to Dial
(USSD Code)
Information Displayed
*123# Mobile Number, Plan, Main Account Balance, Expiry date
*102# Last Call/SMS/GPRS/Data details 
*124# Friends & Family Numbers
*124*1# Limited & Unlimited Voice STV Balance Details
*124*2# STV 341 Expiry Date 
*124*3# Volume based SMS STV Balance details
*124*4# 3G Data / GPRS Balance
*124*6# ISD STV Details
*124*7# Freebies balance of GSM FCT
*124*8# Rate Cutter SMS STV details 

Dear Readers, how many of you are familiar with these short codes? Any other private operators are giving you such facilities, free of cost ? Please share your experiences with us.

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  1. Dear Readers, BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle has Changed the USSD Selcare Short Codes from 16-12-2014 onwards.

    The latest and updated list of USSD Short Codes are available @


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