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01 September 2020

My BSNL Tunes app to activate your favourite song as Caller Tune

BSNL Tune is a Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service provided by BSNL. Now, BSNL prepaid and postpaid mobile customers can activate their favourite song as their caller tune / hello tune with the help of My BSNL Tunes App.

My BSNL Tunes app to activate your favourite song as Caller Tune

My BSNL Tunes App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. With the help of this app, a user can customize his caller tune from popular film songs, album songs, hits from Bollywood, Hollywood, Instrumental, Regional songs etc. My BSNL Tunes app lets you search, browse and set your favourite song for all your callers. You can play a super hit song, your current status, even your name with just a click to entertain all your callers while you are about to pick their call.
You can make your call waiting time amazing with My BSNL Tunes. You can also Play Jokes, Regional music, Devotional music, Instrumental music or Movie dialogues to your callers using My BSNL Tunes app. 

My BSNL Tunes app to activate your favourite song as Caller Tune

My BSNL Tunes offers songs across languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odiya, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri and Punjabi. You can play trending Bollywood hits, Romantic Songs, Dance, Party and Evergreen Classics back to back.

Features of My BSNL Tunes App
  • Play and activate tunes with just one click 
  • Over 1.4Mn latest songs to choose from 
  • Create your own playlist search directly for Albums, Artists &Tracks 
  • Choose your preferred Language Songs 
  • Profile (Status) Tunes - Let your callers know if you are busy 
  • Auto-detect Profile Tune - In meeting, device on silent, device on low battery, roaming etc 
  • Name tunes - greet callers with your name 
  • Personalized Caller tunes and set different Caller tunes for different contacts 
  • 100% Ad Free
My BSNL Tunes app to activate your favourite song as Caller Tune

How to Activate / Deactivate BSNL Caller Tunes / Hello Tunes with My BSNL Tunes app ?
Download and install My BSNL Tunes app from Google Play Store. Login to the app with your mobile number and OTP (One Time Password). After installation, open the My BSNL Tunes app and search for your favourite song.

My BSNL Tunes app to activate your favourite song as Caller Tune

Select the song from the list. Now you can hear the playback of the selected song. To set a song as your BSNL Tunes, just click on 'Set'. We can also change the song as per our requirement any time through My BSNL Tune  app.

BSNL Profile Tunes
BSNL customers can activate Profile Tunes absolutely free with My BSNL Tunes app. With Profile Tunes, tell your callers that you are busy in a meeting or travelling on business or vacation or driving or in hospital etc. We can set our profile tune as per our requirement. We can also sync Caller tunes with your calendar to automatically set FREE Profile Tunes when you are in a meeting.

Personalized Caller tunes
With My BSNL Tunes app, you can set different Caller tunes for different contacts without any additional charges or fee.

BSNL Tunes Shuffles (Playlists)
My BSNL Tunes app also let your callers listen to different songs every time. You can personalize your shuffle by enabling it in My Tunes section under Settings. You can also customize your shuffle and set a special song for your special callers.

BSNL Name Tunes
You can set your name as your BSNL Tune and welcome your callers. For instance, Thank you for calling (Your Name). Please wait while your call is answered. You can search for your name tune under Name Tunes section in My BSNL Tunes app.

This app is exclusive for BSNL South and East subscribers. East Zone is Andaman Nicobar, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, NE1(Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya), NE - 2 (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur), Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim. South Zone is Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

What are the charges for BSNL Tunes ?
All modes of activation APP/IVR/SMS/USSD/WEB are Toll Free. Now most of the prepaid plans and STVs are bundled with FREE BSNL Tunes. For customers not having Free BSNL Tunes bundled with their Plan / STV, monthly charges of BSNL Tunes sis Rs. 42/- with Unlimited FREE Song Downloads. In addition, longer validity packs are also available for BSNL Tunes as per the below table.

BSNL Tunes - Charges / Caller Tune Packs
Particulars PRBT ChargesSong Selection chargesActivation Code
send to 56700
BSNL Tunes Monthly packRs 30 for 1 MonthRs 12 / MonthBT ACT
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 3 monthsRs 60 for 3 MonthsRs 12 / MonthBT Q <SONG CODE>
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 6 monthsRs 110 for 6 MonthsRs 12 / MonthBT HY <SONG CODE>
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 12 monthsRs 200 for 12 MonthsRs 12 / MonthBT Y <SONG CODE>

BSNL's FREE PRBT Bundled STVs & Plans
Customers in Free BSNL Tunes bundled plans / STVs can enjoy unlimited song selection with My BSNL Tunes app. Unlimited Song Selection during validity period of STV/Plan is free of cost. Dial 56700 to activate the free BSNL tunes available with your Plan / STV.

Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about My BSNL Tunes app from BSNL via comments with us. How many of you have already tried BSNL's Name Tunes & Profile Tunes ?

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