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24 May 2015

Exclusive: Fancy Numbers are the new source of revenue for Telecom Companies || BSNL started the first Online Portal for Choice Numbers & e-auction

Fancy Numbers are becoming a new source of  revenue for  Indian telecom companies. The demand for fancy numbers among the public are high and fancy numbers are also becoming a status symbol in the society. As the demand is increasing, telecom companies started converting this into a source of revenue.


People are found to be buying fancy numbers due to religious significance of the numbers also. State run telecom operator BSNL is the only operator who introduced Online Portal for selecting Choice Mobile Numbers absolutely Free of cost to customers. Later, the PSU added Fancy Numbers also in the online portal.

For more attractive Premium Numbers, BSNL started an e-auction portal, where customers anywhere in India can participate in the bidding process.

As per the information from reliable sources, a fancy number that begins the bid with Rs 11,000 may go up to Rs 25,000. The numbers beginning with 786 are considered to be premium due to its religious significance and any mobile number with repeated 786 in them are more sought out. Such numbers are sold for prices between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000.

Numbers that end with 555, 777, 111, 000, 007, 8888 also called as golden numbers by dealers as these numbers are very easy to remember.

BSNL recently upgraded it's online Choose Your Mobile Number (CYMN) Portal with attractive and simple use interface. See it's details below:

BSNL has also decided to introduce online portal to sell it's fancy landline numbers also. See it's details below:

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