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10 May 2021

No more Voice only plans in BSNL Bharat Fiber; Free Unlimited Voice facility will be bundled with broadband

National telecom backbone - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) - has decided to discontinue Voice only plans in Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH). It means, BSNL will allow customers to opt only Combo FTTH Broadband plans on Bharat Fiber.

No more Voice only plans in BSNL Bharat Fiber; Free Unlimited Voice facility will be offered with data for FTTH Broadband Connections

Earlier, BSNL customers were allowed to choose Voice Only plans also in Bharat Fiber category. As we reported earlier, BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband connections are increasing exponentially all over India during these pandemic period. There is ever increasing demand from customers for a stable internet connectivity which is the fundamental right for everyone in our present life. Almost all the newly launched BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) plans are bundled with True Unlimited Voice Calls to any network without any additional cost. Hence, BSNL authorities has decided to stop providing Voice Only connections through fiber (BSNL Bharat Fiber - FTTH).
An official statement from BSNL regarding the withdrawal of Voice Only plans in Bharat Fiber (FTTH) read as follows:- 
It is decided by the competent authority not to provide exclusive voice connection on Bharat Fibre for new telephone connection and also for conversion from Copper Voice to Fibre voice. As FTTH is a service primarily for high speed Broadband, hence Voice is provided as unlimited free bundled with data.
The above order is implemented with immediate effect across all the telecom circles. However, existing customers in Voice Only plans will continue and efforts will be taken to convert these connections to Combo Broadband plans as there is no separate charge for Voice Service in Combo plans. As we reported on 6th May 2021, BSNL has discontinued Installation Charges for new Bharat Fiber connections as a promotional offer for 90 days. So this is the right time to apply for BSNL Bharat Fiber connection so that you may get Rs 500/- discount in your first telephone bill. Now, BSNL also allows migration of existing landline connections (connections provided via copper cable) to Bharat Fiber without changing existing telephone number.

No more Voice only plans in BSNL Bharat Fiber; Free Unlimited Voice facility will be offered with data for FTTH Broadband Connections

Most Popular BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Plans under 1000/-
Now let us see, some of the most popular Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband internet plans with FMC (fixed monthly charge) under ₹1000/- from BSNL which are bundled with True Unlimited Voice Calls to any network. BSNL allows download speed from 30Mbps to 150Mbps for Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband connections in this category i.e., below Rs 1000/-.

1. BSNL Fibre Basic Plan with 30Mbps Speed @ ₹449/-
BSNL Fibre Basic plan is actually a promotional offer for new customers. It means, this plan is offered as a Welcome Offer for new customers for a period of 6 months. BSNL Fibre Basic plan offers 30Mbps download speed till 3300GB and 2Mbps speed after crossing FUP usage limit of 3300GB. Monthly rental of Fibre Basic Plus plan is Rs 449/- and this plan will be automatically converted to the next higher plan i.e., to Fibre Basic Plus - with monthly rental of Rs 599/- after completing six months. Tue Unlimited Voice is bundled in Fibre Basic Plan without any additional cost. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 534.31/-

2. BSNL 200GB CUL plan with 50Mbps Speed @ ₹499/-
BSNL 200GB CUL plan allows maximum download speed of 50Mbps till 200GB data usage. After 200GB usage, download speed will be reduced to 2Mbps. 200GB CUL plan is a special Bharat Fiber (FTTH) plan which is exclusively available for BSNL Kerala Circle. Customers having only limited data usage may opt this plan since it offers 200GB data usage with 50Mbps download speed. After exhausting the 200 GB data, customers may get unlimited internet at 2Mbps speed. Monthly rental of 200GB CUL plan is Rs 499/- with Unlimited Voice Calls. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 578.84/-

3. BSNL Fibre Basic Plus Plan with 60Mbps Speed ₹599/-
BSNL Fibre Basic Plus plan offers exactly double the speed of Fibre Basic plan. Here, customers will get 60Mbps download speed till 3300GB and 2Mbps speed after crossing the FUP usage limit. Monthly rent for BSNL Fibre Basic Plus plan is Rs 599/-. True Unlimited Voice Calls are bundled without any additional cost with this plan also. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 712.81/-

4. BSNL Fibre TB Plan with 100Mbps Speed ₹777/-
BSNL Fibre TB plan comes with a blazing 100Mbps download speed till 1000GB data usage. If you finish 1000GB data, you can still get unlimited broadband internet but at a reduced speed of 5Mbps without any additional charges. Monthly rent for BSNL Fibre TB plan (Old plan name - 500GB CUL) is Rs 777/-. True Unlimited Voice Calls are also bundled with Fibre TB plan. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 924.63/-

No more Voice only plans in BSNL Bharat Fiber; Free Unlimited Voice facility will be offered with data for FTTH Broadband Connections

5. BSNL 'Super Star - 1' Plan with 100Mbps Speed ₹779/-
BSNL customers can enjoy Disney+Hotstar premium subscription absolutely free on Super Star - 1 plan. Download speed will be 100Mbps till 1000GB and 5Mbps after 1000GB. Monthly rent for BSNL Super Star - 1 plan is Rs 779/- which is bundled with true unlimited voice calls. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 927.01/-

6. BSNL Fibre Value Plan* with 100Mbps Speed ₹799/-
BSNL Fibre Value Plan is a promotional plan which means this plan is limited to selected areas (In Kerala Circle - Trivandrum and Ernakulam business areas). It means, customers from these selected areas only may get BSNL Fibre Value Plan. Similar to Fibre TB plan, BSNL Fibre Value plan also offers 100Mbps download speed. The main difference between Fibre TB plan and Fibre Value plan is the bundled free data usage. BSNL allows 3300GB data in Fibre Value plan whereas only 1000GB data is bundled with BSNL's Fibre TB plan. Post FUP download speed is 2Mbps and customers may get true unlimited voice as a bundled add-on facility. Monthly rental for Fibre Value plan is Rs 799/- only. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 950.81/-

7. BSNL Fibre Premium Plan* with 150Mbps Speed ₹999/-
Similar to Fibre Value plan, BSNL Fibre Premium Plan is also a promotional plan limited to selected areas (In Kerala Circle - Trivandrum and Ernakulam business areas). Customers may get maximum download speed of 150Mbps till 3300GB and 2Mbps post FUP speed. This plan is also bundled with Disney+Hotstar premium subscription. Customers may also get bundled true unlimited voice calls at a monthly rental of Rs 999/-. Total charges including GST & KFC will be Rs 1188.81/-

BSNL started accepting online booking from customers for Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connections in two ways: - 1) Through BSNL Book My Fiber Portal & 2) Through My BSNL App. Those who interested in BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband may submit their interest either of the above two methods. BSNL FTTH connections are now available almost everywhere with the help of Local Cable TV Operators (LCOs), Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) & Multi System Operators (MSOs).

I am a customer of a private ISP. Is it possible to change my fiber connection to BSNL Bharat Fiber ?
Customers of private ISPs may easily get migrated to BSNL FTTH by simply submitting their application form at nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre of by contacting your Local Cable TV operator. You may use the same ONT (FTTH Modem) to avail Bharat Fiber connection through the same LCO. As most of the private ISPs are facing bandwidth / congestion issues, it is always suggested to migrate your existing fiber connection to BSNL FTTH where you can enjoy superior performance even during peak hours. Customers may also experience a superior browsing experience with BSNL FTTH as the PSU has already implemented IPv6 in their FTTH network all over India.

Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband Internet Connection. How many of are using BSNL FTTH?

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  1. Are you sure 799 and 999 only available to trivandrum and cochin.?


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