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09 November 2020

TRAI guidelines on Rent Rebate : How to get rental rebate for faulty period of your telephone connection?

Rebate in rental is provided suo-moto to subscribers when the services are interrupted over a prolonged period due to service provider reasons. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has taken measures to protect consumer interest which include detailed guidelines on Rental Rebate cases for Basic Telephone Service (Wireline).

TRAI guidelines on Rent Rebate : How to get rental rebate for faulty period of your telephone connection?

As per TRAI guidelines - 'The Standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Regulations - 2009' -  a consumer is eligible to get rebate in their rental charges for faulty period of services.  These guidelines are applicable to all telecom service providers including - BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Jio, Vi etc.

QoS Parameters and Benchmarks for Basic Telephone Services (Wireline)
Name of Parameter Benchmark

Fault repair by next working day

≥ 90%
Fault repair within 3 days 100%
Rebate for fault pending between >3 to ≤ 7 days Rent rebate for 7 days
Rebate for fault pending between >7 to ≤ 15 days Rent rebate for 15 days

Rebate for faults pending for more than 15 days

Rent rebate for 1 month

Resolution of billing/ charging complaints

100% within 4 weeks


≤ 3 days (95% of request to be attended with 3 days)

Termination/Closure of service

≤ 7days

Time for Refund of deposits after closure

100% within 60 days
QoS Parameters and Benchmarks for Cellular Mobile Telephone Services (Wireless)
Name of Parameter Benchmark

Resolution of billing/ charging complaints

100% within 4 weeks
Time taken for refund after closure All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days after closure

Termination/Closure of service

≤ 7days

Rental Rebate for Wireline ( Fixed Line) Services

As per the above TRAI QoS benchmarks, customers are eligible for rental rebate only for complaints which are pending for more than 3 days. 100% of customer complaints are to be cleared within 3 days after complaint registration. Out of total complaints registered, 90% of them have to be cleared by the telecom service provider within 24 Hrs. (fault repair by next working day).

Faulty Period and Rent Rebate for Wireline ( Fixed Line) Services 

Customers are eligible to get rent rebate for 7 days for all complaints which are pending between 3 to 7 days. For all unresolved / unattended telephone complaints pending between 7 to 15 days, service provider is liable to offer 15 days rebate in their telephone bill. 30 days rental rebate will be given to subscribers when the service is interrupted for more than 15 days but less than 30 days. Pro-rata rental rebate will be given when the service is interrupted for more than one month. In all the above rebate cases there will be corresponding reduction in the number of free calls allowed.

How can I apply for rental rebate online? Procedure to get rental rebate from BSNL?

If rental rebate is not given automatically, the subscriber can represent to the Divisional Engineer of his telephone exchange. BSNL Landline customer may submit an application form to avail rent rebate for the faulty period clearly indicating the date on which complaint was registered with BSNL. It means, BSNL or any other TSP will not be able to process your request for rent rebate unless you lodge your complaint officially. To register your telephone complaint, a customer may dial toll free number 198 or 1500. After verifying with BSNL records (data usage / outgoing call details during the faulty period), bill adjustment will be given to eligible customers.

BSNL Landline & Broadband Services 24x7 Toll Free Customer Care Number: 1500 (from BSNL), 1800-345-1500 (from Any Network)

Resolution of Billing Complaints (Applicable to both Wireline & Wireless)

Telecom Service Provider (TSP) - both wireline and wireless - has to clear all billing / charging complaints within 4 weeks. 100% billing complaints registered by customers are to be cleared within 4 weeks of time.

Termination / Closure of Service & Refund of Deposit (Applicable to both Wireline & Wireless)

Telecom Service Provider (TSP) - both wireline and wireless - has to terminate or close the the telephone connection within 7 days after receiving written consent from the customers. Any security deposit collected from customers at the time of activation has to be refunded to customer within 60 days after closure of service.

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Many of our readers were already raised their concern over their landline / broadband fault which are pending for long period. BSNL is using their age old copper cable network to cater their landline and broadband customers all over India. These copper cable were laid along the sides of roads and highways. Because of frequent road widening and development activities these copper cable might have several joints and hence the quality of services will be compromised in many cases. Moreover, customer demand for higher bandwidth is increasing day by day. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, almost all schools / colleges / universities are conducting their classes through various online platforms like - Zoom, Google Meet etc. Multi National Companies also prefer Work From Home for their employees. All these lead to increased demand for a stable and high bandwidth connectivity.

BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) - The best fiber broadband service with assured bandwidth

To address all these issues, BSNL has started offering Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband services to customers all over India by joining hands with Local Cable TV Operators (LCOs) / Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) / Multi System Operators (MSOs). Now, BSNL fibernet or fiber broadband services are available almost everywhere in the country and customers can avail the service with ease. The stability and quality of BSNL FTTH (BSNL Bharat Fiber) services is the best as compared to all other fixed line operators in India. BSNL FTTH connections are fault free. Customers will get assured speed and service quality as per their selected tariff plan.

How can I book BSNL Fiber Broadband (Bharat Fiber / FTTH) Online?

Customers can book BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber) connection online through Book My Fiber Portal or My BSNL App. BSNL FTTH plans starts from Rs 449/- onwards with 30Mbps download speed and 3.3TB usage. BSNL Fiber Ultra Plan offers 300Mbps download speed at just Rs 1499/- with bundled Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription without additional charges.

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Conversion of existing Landline Number to BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber)

Because of high data usage, there was demand for conversion of existing landline connection to Bharat Fiber connection (by retaining the same number). Now, BSNL allows migration of existing landline number to FTTH (Bharat Fiber) by retaining their old landline number. Existing landline customers can avail BSNL Fiber Broadband (FTTH) service on the same telephone number. To get the service on same indicator, customer need to submit their application form in nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC).

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Dear readers, please share this valuable information among your friends and relatives who are facing service related issues with their current telecom service provider.

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