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23 November 2020

BSNL's Automated Bulk Voice Calls (OBD) & Caller Tune Service for election campaign; How to avail BSNL Services for Election Campaign?

BSNL presents two innovative ideas for the forthcoming Kerala local body elections 2020. Candidates can avail Automated Bulk Voice Calls (OBD - Out Bound Dialing) & Personalized Ring Back Tune (PRBT or Caller Tune) Service for their election campaign.

BSNL's Automated Voice Calls (OBD) & Ring Back Tune Service for election campaign; How to avail BSNL Services for Election Campaign?

BSNL is in the process of developing customized Enterprise Business Solutions such as Interactive OBD, Virtual Call Centre, Voice dropping etc. in tune with  customer requirement and demand.  During elections, political parties usually set Caller Tune / Hello Tune (PRBT) in the mobile numbers as a part of their election campaign process. As a result of social distancing measures of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, political parties / candidates are more likely to resort to digital alternatives or digital platforms for their election campaign.
Major Services Offered by BSNL for the purpose of Election Campaign are:-

1) Automated Bulk Voice Calls (OBD - Out Bound Dialing Service)
2) Caller Tune / Hello Tune / Personalized Ring Back Tune Service (PRBT)

BSNL's Automated Bulk Voice Calls (OBD) & Caller Tune Service for election campaign; How to avail BSNL Services for Election Campaign?

1) Automated Bulk Voice Calls (OBD - Out Bound Dialing Service)
BSNL will be pushing pre-recorded voice messages as 'Automated Voice Calls' to the number list (BSNL and Other network numbers) which was given by candidate. The voice message has to be recorded in mp3 or wav format. Most of the political parties prefer voice messages recorded in candidates voice itself. It is also possible to push voice messages to the entire BSNL Customers in a particular area as desired by the candidate. Voice calls can also be pushed to BSNL Landline as well as Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Voice connections. All such voice calls / voice messages  will be initiated from BSNL after complying TRAI & DoT guidelines.

Documents to avail BSNL Automated Voice Calls (OBD) for Election Campaign.
1. Filled Application form for OBD Service
2. Number list (in text/csv format)
3. A Pre-certification letter (NOC letter from Election commission authorities) on the content to be played as advertisements in election campaign.
4. Voice message (in mp3 or wav format) of 25 sec or 55 sec duration.

Tariff for BSNL Automated Voice Calls (OBD) Service

Rs 1 / 30 sec duration + Applicable Taxes (GST, KFC etc). If you have a lengthy voice message with more than 30 sec duration, BSNL will charge Rs 2 per Voice Call.

2) Caller Tune / Hello Tune / Personalized Ring Back Tune Service (PRBT)
Candidates, leaders as well as followers political parties may activate their political signature tune for election campaign. By activating political tunes, all your callers will hear your pre-recorded voice message in place of traditional ring back tune or COVID-19 announcement. This is the most popular service which can be adopted for election campaign which get public attention very easily.

To set caller tune for political parties for election campaign, the following documents are required:-
1. The applicant has to submit a demand draft of Rs 5000/- (Rs Five Thousand only) towards the registration fee, which is non- refundable.
2. An affidavit is to be signed in a stamp paper worth Rs 200/-. 
3. A letter to On Mobile (BSNL's PRBT Service Provider) by company/political party in their letter head.
4. A Pre-certification letter (NOC letter from Election commission authorities) on the content to be played as advertisements in election campaign.
5. The content to be played of 30 seconds duration, in Mp3 format.
6. An Indemnity letter from the political party on their party letter head with authorized signatures along with party seal.

How to activate & copy political tune?
On activation of the service by the On Mobile team, a unique code will be generated. For e.g if the unique code is 12345. This unique code will be intimated to the concerned political party by BSNL officials.

Now the candidate / followers / leader can set the PRBT tune in their mobile number in two methods:- 

a) through SMS 


b) through IVRS

a) SMS Activation Procedure: Send BT 12345 send to 55700, and respond to the confirmation SMS message from 57777.
b) IVRS Activation Procedure: Dial 557-12345 and set the PRBT via IVRS. 

Second Consent OTP: Customer has to give second consent OTP in both the cases a & b

Charges for Political Tune:
Rs 42/- will be deducted from the prepaid main account on successful activation of the PRBT. Therefore, it is preferable to have minimum of Rs 50 balance in their prepaid main account. ln the case of postpaid connections Rs 42/- will be charged in the next bill.

Conditions for PRBT Services to Political Parties
  • It would take 2-3 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) to make the content live in BSNL networks.
  • Content would be exclusively available for BSNL Kerala numbers and would not be accessible by other operator numbers.
  • Charging/Activation will be done only on successful submission of second consent OTP both in SMS and IVR modes. 
  • Political tune will not be provided on PRBT bundles STV packs and Rs 42 will be deducted for bundled pack customers as well.
  • Political parties have to share the Tune end date as well during the initial request and all political tunes will be deactivated 48 hours prior to the election date.
  • Any new mandates amendments released by election commission will automatically adhered without further notice.
How can I apply for BSNL Automated Bulk Voice Calls & Political Tunes?
Candidates / leaders of political parties may directly contact your nearest BSNL Customer Service Center to avail these Services.

My mobile number is registered in TRAI DND (Do Not Disturb) registry. Whether I will receive promotional voice calls?
No. BSNL or any other Telecom Service Provider (TSP) will push promotional content (Voice Message / SMS) only to those customers who are not registered in TRAI DND registry.

Dear readers, please share this information among your friends and relatives who may need this valuable information. How many of you have received  promotional voice calls in your mobile number?

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