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17 October 2020

BSNL regularises payment threshold, pay-by-date and disconnection schedule for Landline, Broadband and FTTH customers all over India

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the regularisation of policy on payment threshold, pay-by-date and permanent disconnection schedule for Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers all over India. The permanent disconnection schedule has been reduced in both urban and rural areas.

BSNL regularises payment threshold, pay-by-date and disconnection schedule for Landline, Broadband and FTTH customers all over India

As we reported in August 2020,  BSNL revised its policy on pay-by-date, dunning schedule and dunning threshold for Landline, Broadband and FTTH customers for the month of September and October 2020. Now based on the improved collection efficiency and cash flow, the PSU has decided to regularise the revised scheme across all telecom circles from the bill issue month of November 2020 onwards.

BSNL's revised schedule of pay-by-date and dunning for Landline, Broadband & FTTH Customers
Activity Schedule for bill issue months - Sept 2020 & Oct 2020 Revised Schedule for bill issue month November 2020 onwards
South Zone Except South Zone All Four Zones
  • 15th day from invoice date
18th day from invoice date
  • 15th day from invoice date
Outgoing barring (OGB)
22nd day from invoice date
28th day from invoice date
22nd day from invoice date
Incoming barring (ICB)
  • 15 days after OGB
15 days after OGB
  • 15 days after OGB
  • Permanent Disconnection (PD)
60 days after OGB
60 days after OGB
60 days after OGB

The PSU revised its postpaid billing schedule in an attempt to maximize cash flow and collection efficiency as well as to minimize volume of unpaid bills. 

Invoice Date

BSNL normally issue postpaid bills (invoice) to their  Landline, Broadband and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers on 6th day of every month. 


As per the revised schedule, pay-by-date will be the 15th day from invoice date. Pay-by-date is the last day upto which a customer can make payment without late fee. All bills paid after pay-by-date will be charged late fee at the rate of 2% of the billed amount.

Outgoing Barring Date (OCB)

As per the revised schedule, BSNL will be barring all outgoing voice calls and Data Services of unpaid customers on 22nd day from invoice date. It means, customers should make their payment before 22nd day from invoice date to get keep their service active. The service (Voice / Data) will be blocked/barred on 28th of every month (i.e., 22nd day after invoice date || Invoice Date is 6th day of every month) for all unpaid customers. During this period, customers may enjoy incoming call facility.

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Incoming Barring Date (ICB)

If a customer is still not clearing his/her outstanding dues within 15 days after outgoing barring date (OGB), BSNL will be forced to block all telecom service provided to him. After 15 days from OGB, incoming call facility also will be blocked by BSNL if payment was not realised. A customer can get incoming call facility for a maximum period up to 37 days after invoice date without making payment.

Permanent Disconnection (PD / NPD)

Non-payment Disconnection / Permanent Disconnection of service will be initiated only on 60 days after outgoing barring date (OGB). If a customer is not willing to make his payment even after 60 days of outgoing barring date (OGB), BSNL will permanently disconnect all telecom services offered to him. Further, BSNL will initiate legal revenue recovery proceeding for collecting all outstanding amount from such customers.

BSNL's revised dunning threshold for Landline, Broadband & FTTH
Particulars Revised threshold amount of Landline, Broadband & FTTH (per connection) w.e.f. bill issue month – Sep., 2020
Dunning threshold
  • Urban: Rs. 300/-
  • Rural: Rs. 200/-

What is dunning threshold ?

Dunning threshold is the upper limit of billed amount for which telephone / service is not to be disconnected for non-payment, which is otherwise due for disconnection due to non-payment of bill. It means, if the payable amount in a bill is less than this threshold value, your number will not be disconnected for non-payment.

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Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about this revised postpaid bill payment schedule by BSNL via comments with us.

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