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Sunday, June 10, 2018

BSNL to launch 50Mbps unlimited FTTH plan with unlimited any net calls @ just ₹777 & 100Mbps plan @ just ₹1277 from 12th June 2018 on wards

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the launch of two ultra-fast fiber broadband (FTTH) plans Fibro Combo ULD 777Fibro Combo ULD 1277 with effect from 12th June 2018 on wards.

BSNL to launch 50Mbps unlimited FTTH plan with unlimited any net calls @ just ₹777 & 100Mbps plan @ just ₹1277 from 12th June 2018 on wards

As per the latest information, both these plans will be available as a promotional offer for 90 days in all the telecom circles except Andaman & Nicobar circle. Fibro Combo ULD 777 offer 50 Mbps download speed till 500 GB and then 2 Mbps with unlimited voice calls to any network. Fibro Combo ULD 1277 offer 100 Mbps speed till 750 GB and then 2 Mbps with unlimited voice calls to any network.

BSNL's New 50Mbps & 100Mbps Fiber Broadband (FTTH) Plans
Particulars Fibro Combo ULD 777 Fibro Combo ULD 1277
Bandwidth (with best effort Download Speed), subject to technical feasibility
Upto 50 Mbps till 500 GB, up to 2 Mbps beyond
Upto 100 Mbps till  750 GB, up to 2 Mbps beyond
All new FTTH (Fiber Broadband) customers of all circles (except A&N circle).
Monthly Charges (Rs)
Rs 777/-
Rs 1277/-
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) [11 x FMC]
Rs 8547/-
Rs 14047/-
Two Years Payment Option (Rs.) [21 x FMC]
Rs 16317/-
Rs 26817/-
Three Years Payment Option (Rs.) [30 x FMC]
Rs 23310/-
Rs 38310/-
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID)
1/1 GB
1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)
One @ Rs 2000 per annum additional
Security Deposit#
Rs 500
Rs 500
Minimum Hire Period
One Month
One Month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs
Free Calls & Additional facility
24 Hrs Unlimited calling (Local + STD) on any network within India
#Note: Under above Broadband plan, Security deposit for Landline shall be levied as per prevailing instructions.

The plans shall be available only for the new FTTH customers. The above instructions shall be applicable with effect from 12-06-2018 on promotional basis for a period of 90 days in all the Circles (except A&N Circle). However, this plan is optional and telecom circles are authorized to take decision regarding launch of this plan in their jurisdiction in view of competition from other operators in similar high speed broadband segment. So please check with your nearest BSNL customer service center regarding the availability of these special FTTH plans in your telecom circle. 

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Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about the launch of these stunning ultra-fast FTTH plans Fibro Combo ULD 777 & Fibro Combo ULD 1277 via comments with us.

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  1. it is an injustice towards existing by allowing this scheme to new connections only. Those customers who were faithful to BSNL all these years are being betrayed. Should extend this facility to existing customers also.

    1. You disconnect BSNL connection 5 days before month ends and make sure that your connection disconnected before the start of the next month to avoid additional billing. Then apply for a new connection on the first day of the next month with same telephone number you used before.( Most of the time BSNL allow you to switch to this new plan when you ask for disconnection of existing connection). This is the only way for you to get this new BSNL plan.

  2. The only place where this plan is available as of today is Calcutta -

    I dont see it in any other place in BSNL website.