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13 April 2017

BSNL Trick : How to activate BSNL Offers via SMS and save money up to 15% on all STVs ?

BSNL allows activation of STVs and Plan Vouchers via Selfcare. It means BSNL customers need not search for retailer shops or online recharge portals every time when they wish to activate a particular BSNL offer. 

BSNL Trick: How to activate BSNL offers via SMS and save money up to 15% on all STVs ?

BSNL Mobile customers having sufficient prepaid account balance can activate BSNL offers through SMS or USSD short code or Web selfcare portal. The most interesting thing in self activation of BSNL offers is that, customers may save their money up to 15% on all STVs. We are not sure how many BSNL customers are aware of this money saving trick.
Money Saving trick on Activating BSNL Offers & STVs

To activate an offer via SMS, the exact SMS code of the desired STV / Plan Voucher has to be sent to toll free number 123. Before sending SMS, we have to ensure sufficient balance in our prepaid account.

How much money can be saved on self activation of BSNL Offers?

MRP of all BSNL prepaid STVs and Offers include 15% of service tax. While activating an offer through selfcare mode, BSNL will charge only the Face Value of that STV. It is because service tax is already collected while adding our prepaid account balance.

MRP of an STV = Face Value + 15% of Face Value

Face Value of an STV = (MRP x 100)/115

Money Saving on Self activation = MRP - Face Value = (MRP x 0.15) / 1.15

Example: Say one customers wishes to activate BSNL's most popular offer 339 via SMS. SMS code for activating Unlimited Combo offer 339 is STV COMBO339. After sending STV COMBO339 to 123, an amount of Rs 294.78 only will be deducted from his / her balance.

Face Value of Combo STV 339 = (339 x 100)/115 = 294.78

Money Saving on Combo STV 339 = ( 339 x 0.15 ) / 1.15 = 44.22

Thus a customer can save Rs 44.22/- on activating 339 plan. Saving will be higher for higher denomination offers. On activating Unlimited 3G Data pack 1099 through SMS (STV DATA1099) we can save Rs 143.35/- i.e., Rs 955.65/- only will be deducted from main account . The same trick is applicable to all BSNL STVs and Plan Vouchers which are having SMS activation codes.

Your savings will be more if you have chosen Full Talk Time / Extra Talk Time Offers to add main account balance in your BSNL prepaid connection. BSNL offers  always Full Talk Time for Top up Rs 220 for all prepaid mobile customers in all the circles. Similarly, Rs 575 talk value will be offered for Top up Rs 550 & Rs 1200 talk value for Top up Rs 1100.

SMS Activation Codes of BSNL STVs & Offers are summarized below:
Customers may also use Web Selfcare Portal or USSD short codes to activate offers & STVs. Same discount is applicable in both these methods (Web Selfcare & USSD) also. See its details below:
Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about BSNL's Money Saving Trck via comments with us.

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