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06 March 2016

BSNL Kerala Circle reported 3.28% YoY revenue growth in FY 2015-16; Added 23,623 new mobile customers through MNP in February 2016

BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle has registered 3.28% increase in total revenue in the current financial year 2015-16 (up to February 2016). As per the latest information, the total revenue generated during the first eleven months (April to February 2016) rose to 2628.92 Crores which is Rs 83.59 Crores higher than the corresponding period in the previous financial year.

BSNL Kerala Circle reported 3.28% YoY revenue growth in FY 2015-16; Added 23,623 new mobile customers through MNP in February 2016

The revenue growth has been primarily driven by GSM Prepaid sector and ADSL Broadband services. The total revenue in February 2016, from GSM Prepaid services and ADSL Broadband services are  Rs 103.42 Crores and Rs 47.13 Crores respectively. Out of the total revenue generated in the current financial year 2015-16, more than 55% was from Mobile Sector.

The MNP performance of BSNL Kerala Circle was also outstanding in February 2016. BSNL added 23,623 new mobile customers through MNP while 8,189 mobile customers left BSNL and joined private operators in the month of February 2016. Thus the Net gain through MNP in February 2016 was 15,434 connections with Port Out / Port In ratio of 0.35.

BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle: Revenue Performance in FY 2015-16 (up to February 2016)
Revenue Comparison Feb 15 vs Feb 16 Revenue Comparison 2014-15 vs 2015-16
Feb 2015 Feb 2016 % Change Up to Feb 2015 Up to Feb 2016 % Change
Basic / Landline Services 48.8448.83 -0.02539.81510.82 -5.37
ADSL / VDSL Broad band 42.35 47.13 11.30469.37503.21 7.21
FTTH (Fiber Broad band) 1.111.3521.58 9.0314.6462.12
IUC (Basic) 6.854.47-34.7679.5276.17 -4.21
CDMA 2.69 2.15-20.1434.85 26.16 -24.91
WiMax 1.952.013.30 21.6122.31 3.26
CFA Total 103.79 105.952.08 1154.181153.32 -0.07
GSM Postpaid 10.1510.15 0.03 114.97110.07-4.26
GSM Prepaid 87.62 103.42 18.031024.111111.75 8.56
GSM Total 97.77 113.5716.161139.071221.81 7.26
Infra / Tower Leasing 1.70 2.6957.8515.3525.2164.22
IUC (Mobile) 20.34 19.62-3.53210.68205.85 -2.29
CM Total 119.81 135.88 13.411365.101452.87 6.43
Enterprise Business 2.53 0.84-66.8620.9916.73-20.27
New Business 0.610.50-18.035.07 6.00 18.41
Grand Total 226.75243.17 7.242545.34 2628.93 3.28

The total GSM prepaid revenue up to February 2016 is Rs 1111.75 Crores for Kerala Circle which is 8.56% higher than the previous financial year. BSNL Kerala Circle is also showing healthy growth in FTTH (Fiber Broadband), WiMax & Infra Sharing / Tower Leasing. There was a sharp increase in revenue of 64.22% from infra / tower sharing. BSNL Kerala Circle had leased out 746 towers till February 2016, which is the highest in entire BSNL. The revenue generated from tower sharing in February 2016 was Rs 2.69 Crores.

Other major performance highlights of BSNL Kerala Circle  in February 2016 are as follows : In February 2016, BSNL Kerala Circle has achieved gross 1,33,871 SIM activations, 786 WiMax connections, 160 EVDO connections, 1352 Broadband connections and 446 FTTH connections.

With a view to promote FTTH connections, in non-feasible areas in particular, meetings were conducted with Local Cable TV Operators (LCOs) for entering into an agreement on a revenue sharing basis.

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The landline revenue of Rs 48.83 crores in February 2016 is the highest achieved in any month of current financial year and is 4.23% higher than the comparable previous even month (December 2015) figure of Rs 46.85 crores. The total revenue in February 2016 is higher compared to January 2016 by 4.9%.

The first Wi-Fi Hangout Centres in BSNL were inaugurated by Shri.N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) BSNL at Aluva CSC in Ernakulam SSA and Thriunakkara CSC in Kottayam SSA on 19-02-2016. 35 sites with 80 Wi-Fi Access points were commissioned in FY 2015-16 up to February 2016.

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Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about this excellent performance made by BSNL Kerala Circle during the current financial year via comments with us.

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