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17 June 2015

BSNL Landline Dynamic Locking (Electronic Locking) Facility for protection against unauthorized usage

India’s Largest Landline service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers Dynamic Locking (Electronic Locking) facility for it's Landline and Broadband customers across India.  Dynamic Locking allows customers to control the improper and unauthorized use of landline telephone.


The facility allows customers to control their telephone bill with simple procedure for blocking all outgoing calls. BSNL Dynamic (Number) Locking Facility will lock the landline telephone electronically by dialing a password / secret code from the telephone. Dynamic Locking facility is available to all BSNL Landline / Broadband customers across India without any additional charges.

Procedure for Dynamic Lock & Release Facility of BSNL Landline

Step 1: One Time Registration
  • Select a 4 digit secret code and Dial 123 followed by the secret code twice with out any delay. 
Example:- Suppose you want to make 5555 your secret code. Follow this procedure to register this: Dial 123 5555 5555 then wait for the acceptance tone (busy tone with a long duration) then disconnect. Your code is registered. Subscriber can remember this code and keep it a secret, do not share with anybody.

To Change the secret code: Suppose you want to change current code 5555 to 4444 then Dial 123 5555 4444 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Your new code(4444) is registered.

Step 2: Barring / Opening of  Outgoing calls

By dialing 124 followed by secret code and 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, the subscriber can bar various types of outgoing calls on his landline telephone.

  • To Bar STD / ISD Calls: Dial 124 - secret code - 1 then wait for the acceptance tone and then disconnect. Now STD & ISD calls will be barred.
  • To Open STD / ISD Calls: Dial 124 - secret code - 0 then wait for the acceptance tone and then disconnect. Now STD / ISD calls can be made.
  • To Open STD calls only: Dial - secret code - 3 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD calls can be made.
  • To Bar STD / ISD /manual trunk calls: Dial - secret code - 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD/manual trunck calls will be barred . (It will also bar calls to 95 level).
  • To Bar Local Calls: Dial 124 - secret code - 4 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now local calls will be barred .(applicable only if STD Facility is available)
  • To Open local calls only: Dial 124 - secret code - 1 or 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now Local calls can be made.

In order to ensure the security against unauthorized usage of BSNL Landline telephone, the system will reject the command if the incorrect  secret code has dialed 10 times. In the 10th wrong attempt, the telephone will be permanently locked. The facilities may be restored only by the officer in-charge of your local BSNL telephone exchange only after getting a written request from concerned Landline Customer.

So every BSNL customer of Urban & Rural Landline Services may utilize the Dynamic Locking (Electronic Locking) Facility and avoid the unauthorized usage of your Landline Telephone.

Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about BSNL Dynamic Locking facility via comments with us. How many of you are familiar with this service?

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  1. Please provide facility to lock calls to mobile phone numbers also

  2. How to open for on-net colls only. I mean Code to bar all ISD/STD/ and off-net calls.

  3. How to open local and mobile call but to bar manual trunk call, std call and ISD call

  4. How to open local as well as mobile call but to block manual trunk call, 95 level call, STD and ISD call?


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