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31 January 2015

The Best & Cheapest 3G Data Offers: BSNL's 3G/2G Annual Prepaid Data Plan Vouchers with Optional Free Datacard

PAN India 3G Mobile Operator BSNL, launched Annual Prepaid Data Plan Vouchers which Offers Cheapest 3G/2G Data Tariff for it's GSM Datacard / Netsetter / Mobile customers across India.


In an attempt to offer more reliable and economical 3G/2G Wireless Data Services to Customers, BSNL introduced these annual plans. BSNL also introduced Optional Free Datacard / Netsetter offer bundled with these annual data plan vouchers.

Customers may choose the best data plan depending on their estimated data usage and requirements. BSNL launched three variants of prepaid annual data plan vouchers which are :
  1. 3G/2G Annual Data Plan Voucher 1251
  2. 3G/2G Annual Data Plan Voucher 2299
  3. 3G/2G Annual Data Plan Voucher 3299
All the above mentioned annual data plan vouchers offer free data usage of 9GB, 18GB & 30GB respectively with a validity of 12 months.

BSNL's 3G/2G Prepaid Annual Data Plan Vouchers
MRP of Plan Voucher Freebies / Free Data Usage Validity Validity Extension
Rs 1251 9 GB 3G / 2G Data + 3.6 Mbps Datacard @ Rs.600 1 Year Recharge 1251 / 2299/ 3299
Rs 2299 18 GB 3G / 2G Data + 3.6 Mbps Datacard @ Rs.300 1 Year Recharge 1251 / 2299/ 3299
Rs 3299 30 GB 3G / 2G Data + FREE 3.6 Mbps Datacard 1 Year Recharge 1251 / 2299/ 3299
These new Data Plan Vouchers offers Free Data Usage, monthly specified (or) total usage for a year according with technical available conditions of the circle.

Customers of any Prepaid Mobile Plan who are using 3G/2G DATA STVs(Rate cutters) shall be allowed to migrate to this Annual Data Plan Vouchers by recharging through C-TOP UP. (Please Note: After migration, Reversion to the old prepaid mobile plan is not possible)

In addition to these plans, BSNL also offers Annual Datacard Plan Voucher 96 which offers 500MB data for the first 30 days with 1 year validity.

BSNL's 3G/2G Annual Datacard Plan Voucher 96
MRP of Plan VoucherBundled Free 3G / 2G Data UsageValidityValidity Extension
Rs 96500 MB 3G / 2G Data for the First 30 Days1 YearRecharge 96
(Please Note: Migration to Annual Datacard Plan Voucher 96 is not possible)

Similar Annual Data Plans are available for Postpaid Customers also. See it's details below:

BSNL's 3G Annual Prepaid Data Plan Vouchers are the most affordable 3G Data Packs for Smartphones and Tablet users in the present market conditions.

Dear readers, how many of you are currently using BSNL 3G? Please share your views about these annual data plans by BSNL via comments.

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