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28 December 2014

How to Check Your Broadband Internet Download Speed (Bandwidth) || Difference between KBps and Kbps

BSNL the state owned telecommunication company is currently the No.1 Broadband Service provider in India. BSNL is having an uncomparable infrastructure in terms of equipment, mobile tower and even in terms of manpower. BSNL offers a variety of Broadband and Fiber Broadband Plans at lowest and economical tariff rate.


Almost all private operators are using BSNL's optical fiber network as their backbone. BSNL is the only operator having connectivity in the nook and corner of the country. This is the reason why BSNL has been selected as the major contributor in the Digital India project.

Currently BSNL holds the No.1 position in the Wired Broadband Segment with largest subscriber base. BSNL offers Broadband plans having different download and upload speed. 

See the latest BSNL Fiber Broadband plans below:

We can check the download speed of our broadband connection with a single click. The links to check the download speed are given below:
Normally, the speed of a broadband connection is expressed in kbps (kilo bits per second). Sometimes, download speed is also expressed in kBps (kilo bytes per second) where 1 Byte = 8 bits. 

Speed expressed in kbps = Speed in kBps*8 

Example: If the download speed is 100 KBps (100 kilo bytes per second), we can represent it as 800 kbps (800 kilo bits per second).

Broadband Internet speed depends on many other factors also. Some of them are listed below:
  • If RAM Capacity should be 1GB(Minimum) or else Internet speed will be slow.
  • Some Virus attack may lead to Denial of the service, Antivirus updates should be in place.
  • Multiple connection on to a single router may lead to network congestion and slow down the broadband speed.
  • Physical joints should be minimized, where ever possible, splitters should be used.
  • Computer sharing should be limited, so that broadband speed will not the consumed by other PC’s. Go for higher speeds if you are having more than 2 PC’s
  • Distance from the Distribution point should be minimized as the length of the copper wire increases, Speed will be automatically reduced.
The above are some of the tips to consider for the effective usage of BSNL Broadband Services.

How many of you are already subscribed to BSNL Broadband services? Whether you are satisfied with the quality of service of BSNL Broadband? Please share your views with us via comments.

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