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07 November 2014

BSNL Offers Universal Access Number (UAN) Services with Full & Split Charges for Corporate Enterprise Customers

India's National Telecom Backbone Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), launched UAN Services (Universal Access Number) for its Corporate / Enterprise customers. Any Entrepreneur / Customers having BSNL Universal Access Number Services, can be reached nationwide with a Unique Number.


A call to a service subscriber will be paid by the calling party or split between the calling and called party. Accordingly, there are two types of UAN Services. They are UAN Full Charges (calling user will pay the charges) & UAN Split Charges (charges will be paid by the calling user and the called subscriber).

The service is an ideal business promotion tool for business communities who want the people to call them without any hassle. It is suitable for Hospitals, Educational institutes, NGO, Law firms, Medium and small firms.

Service is accessible from networks of other Operators also. UAN will be  a 11 digit number of the form 1860-XYZ-ABCD.

A number of destination numbers can be designated to an UAN number, the major features of Universal Access Number Services of BSNL are
  • Universal Access Number Services can be taken on any existing telephone line without requiring any additional line.
  • Any Landline / Mobile user in BSNL telephone network can call this number.
  • The calling user will pay the charges upto SSP as per local/STD rates (to be charged at local exchange) and the called subscriber will pay from SSP up to destination (through detailed billing at SSP).
  • Charges from out of station calls are same as per the existing STD rates in BSNL.
  • Billing for the same is included with BSNL landline rent & charges who dials this Universal Access Number Services number.
  • Unit charge/pulse is Rs.1.20
  • Access Code for Universal Access Number Services is 1860-XYZ (XYZ - SCP code)
  • Total digit for Universal Access Number Services is 1860-XYZ-ABCD
  • Premium Vanity Numbers are available for selection of ABCD on charge basis.

BSNL Universal Access Number Services with Full & Split Charges-Tariff Card

UAN-Full Charge
UAN-Split Charge
1Processing charge for service (Nonrefundable)Rs.5000/-Rs.3000/-
2Security deposit (Refundable) (To be reviewed every 6 months)N.AInitially Rs.10,000/- & to be updated to 2 months average billing
33Fixed Monthly Charges for serviceRs.3,000/- per monthRs.1,000/- per month
4Call Charges Payable byCalling Party (Rs./Sec)Calling Party (Rs./Sec)Called Party (Rs./Sec)
(I) From Landline/WLL
(a) Local (Within same SDCA)
(i) From BSNL/MTNL30 SecLocal call charge to PSTNFree
(ii) From Other NetworksNot ApplicableNot Applicable1.20/180
(b)Intra Circle (Within same circle)30 SecLocal call charge to PSTN1.20/60
(c)Inter Circle30 SecLocal call charge to PSTN1.60/60
(II) From Cellular
(a) Within LSA2.00/60Local C2F
as per plan
(b) Outside LSA2.00/60Local C2F
as per plan
(c) National RoamingPrevailing national roaming tariff (calls beyond visited LSA) as per planPrevailing national roaming tariff within LSA as per plan1.60/60
5Discount To Free Phone subscriberMonthly BillDiscountMonthly BillDiscount
(i) The discount is on non-graded basis.
(ii) In case of UAN (Split charging) Excludes local calls
Upto 10000NilUpto 10000Nil
10001 to 5000015%10001 to 5000015%
50001 to 25000020%50001 to 25000020%
250001 to 50000025%250001 to 50000025%
> 50000030%> 50000030%
6IN Number1860 XYZ ABCD1860 XYZ ABCD
XYZ - SCP CodeXYZ - SCP Code
ABCD - (0001 to 4999)ABCD - (5000 to 9999)
7 Any modification in service (on demand)Rs.100/-Rs.100/-
8Detail billing soft copy (Per month) (On demand by subscriber)Rs.100/-Rs.100/-
9Vanity Numbers ChargesOne TimeMonthly Payment
Super Premium (Category A)Rs.10000/-Rs.1000/-
Premium (Category B)Rs.7500/-Rs.750/-
Prime (Category C)Rs.5000/-Rs.500/-

Dear readers, whether these Postpaid IN services are really needed in todays e-world? Have many of you are aware of this UAN ( Universal Access Number) Services?

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