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23 September 2014

BSNL Mobile Caller Tune / Hello Tune Activation and Deactivation Procedures

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in association with On-Mobile Services has started BSNL Tunes - Personalized Ring Back Tune (PRBT) Services for all BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile customers. BSNL Tunes allows Mobile Customers to greet their callers listen to your favorite song or your personal Name Tune when  your callers calls you on your Mobile Number. 

Now, no more Tring Tring, BSNL Customers can Greet their callers with a song of their choice. Play greatest hits from Bollywood, Hollywood, Instrumental, Regional songs etc. You can set one common tune for all or customize a tune for specific callers and much more. Now, customer can activate caller tune through newly launched My BSNL Tunes App with just one click.
BSNL offers the personalized caller tunes with lowest tariff in the market. BSNL Tunes are available in all regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil etc. Now, let's see how to activate BSNL Tunes in our Mobile.

What is BSNL Name Tune?
BSNL provides Name Tunes to its customers which allows customers to greet their callers with their own Name as Caller / Hello tune. This will give more personalized effect to your hello tune. 

BSNL Mobile Caller Tune (PRBT)- Activation Methods:
The service can be activated by a variety of ways and the activation / deactivation procedure is very simple and easy. Activation methods are:
  1. By Dialing 56700 and following IVR instructions
  2. By sending as SMS to 56700 
  3. By copying the song from another BSNL Mobile Number
  4. Activation via My BSNL Mobile Application 
  5. Activation via BSNL Tune Web Portal
  6. Activation via My BSNL Tunes app
 Now, we can see each of these methods one by one.

Activation Method 1: ( Dialing 56700 )
  • Dial 56700 and follow the IVR instructions in any one of the regional  languages that you choose to enjoy the service. It includes - English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam etc.
How to Activate Name Tunes?
  • Dial 56799 for Activation of  BSNL Name Tunes (South & East Zones)
  • Dial 5670087 for activation of BSNL Name Tunes (North & West Zones)
Activation Method 2: ( SMS to 56700 )
  • SMS BT<space>ACT to 56700 to activate Basic BSNL tunes services with default BSNL tune will be provided to the subscriber until he/she chooses a song of her/his choice.
  • SMS BT<space>SONG CODE to 56700 to activate your favorite Song as your BSNL tune.
  • Name Tune for South & East Zones : Send SMS NT<space>NAME to 56799. E.g. send NT NAYANA to 56799
  • Name Tune for North & West Zones : Send SMS NT<space>NAME to 56777. E.g. send NT JOSEPH to 56777

How to Get Song Code?
Customers may get their favorite song code from the following options:

  • BSNL provides Free Song Search. Just send an SMS “Song Name” to 56799
  • From BSNL Call Centres
Activation Method 3: ( By Copying the song ) 
  • Just dial ' * and 9 ' to copy the BSNL Tunes of others while listening to their Caller Tunes.
Activation Method 4: ( Activation via My BSNL Mobile App)
  • Open My BSNL Mobile Application
  • Click on VAS (Value Added Services)
  • Select Your Telecom Circle / State
  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Click on Caller Tune
  • Select 'Subscribe' for PRBT Tunes
  • Then search the required songs online and make it your BSNL Tune
Activation Method 5:( Activation via WEB Portal )

BSNL caller tune web portal provides caller tune activation codes of songs in Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayam, Kannada etc.. of all major Indian languages.

Activation : Registered Users can activate PRBT service through web portal. Through web portal, customers can : subscribe to the service, select songs, manage selections and manage friend groups to whom your choice of Caller Tune may be set for.

BSNL Tunes activation via My BSNL Tunes mobile app

BSNL Mobile Caller Tune (PRBT) – Deactivation Methods:

Like activation methods, BSNL caller tunes can be deactivated in a number of hasle free ways. Each of those methods are described below.

Deactivation Method 1: ( Dialing 56702 )

  • Dial the Toll Free Short Code 56702 to deactivate the PRBT services on your number
Deactivation Method 2: ( SMS to 56700 )
  • Send SMS BT<space>DACT (or)  BT<space>DCT to 56700
Deactivation Method 3: ( Dialing 155223 or SMS to 155223 )
  • Dial 155223 for deactivation of any type of Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) from BSNL including Caller tunes. 
  • Send SMS STOP to toll free short code 155223 for deactivation of any VAS from BSNL Mobile.
Deactivation Method 4: ( Deactivation via WEB Portal )
Customers can deactivate the service from the 'Unsubscribe' option available for registered users at BSNL Tunes Web Portal.

BSNL Mobile Caller Tunes  Service / Access Charges:

BSNL customers may access / subscribe to  PRBT services in many ways.  There are different PRBT packages having higher validity periods. These packs includes Monthly / Quarterly/ Half Yearly / Yearly etc.
BSNL Tunes -  Packs

Particulars  PRBT Charges Song Selection charges Activation Code
send to 56700
BSNL Tunes Monthly pack Rs 30 for 1 Month Rs 12 / Month BT ACT
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 3 months Rs 60 for 3 Months Rs 12 / Month BT Q <SONG CODE>
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 6 months Rs 110 for 6 Months Rs 12 / Month BT HY <SONG CODE>
BSNL Tunes Bada pack for 12 months Rs 200 for 12 Months Rs 12 / Month BT Y <SONG CODE>

BSNL Tunes - Access Charges

Sl No Particulars Charges
1 Calls to 56700 FREE
2 SMS to 56700 FREE
3 Calls to 56799 FREE
4 SMS to 56799 FREE
Readers, how many of you are subscribed to BSNL Tunes or Name Tunes? Have you ever heard about higher validity PRBT Packs? Whether Name Tunes are more beneficial to customers? Please share your views with us.

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