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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Get high speed broadband even after FUP limit, BSNL offers Online Speed Restoration / Data Top Up facility for Customers across India

BSNL launched Speed Restoration Facility for all Unlimited Broadband Internet Customers in September 2014. Customers may enjoy High Bandwidth / Download Speed after FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit using BSNL Speed Top Up plans. These plans starts from Rs 100 onwards.

Get high speed broadband even after FUP limit, BSNL offers Online Speed Restoration / Data Top Up facility for Customers across India

Now BSNL has launched Online Speed Top Up Facility for broadband customers through Broadband Speed Top Up Portal ( or or or Earlier, customers are allowed to subscribe these Speed Top Up plans only when their usage just crosses FUP limit.

When the FUP limit is crossed or when  you have consumed your high speed data usage limit for a month, you can see a pop-up asking  whether you are interested for data / speed top up till the end of current billing cycle. On subscribing to these plans, customers may restore high speed internet as per their existing broadband plan.
In many circumstances, customers may ignore BSNL Broadband Speed Top Up Link to restore high speed, when it appears, as they are not required at that time, but after some days (in a day or two or other ) in the same month, the user requires to subscribe for BSNL Broadband Top Up Plans to Recharge Online for restoration of high speed internet in the same plan to activate the skipped link.

As a solution to the above problem, BSNL has launched Online Speed Top Up Portal / Link ( or or which allows BSNL users to restore high speed broadband even after FUP limit at any time.

BSNL Broadband Speed Top Up / Data Top Up Anytime through Online Portal : Procedure
  • Log on to new BSNL Broadband Top Up Portal URL / Link Or Or
(Click/Tap to Zoom Image)
  • Select on 'Click here for Top Up', then Add Exception and Confirm Security Exception.
  • You will be redirected to another URL which will show your BSNL Broadband Login ID and IP along with your Download Limit Remaining for High Speed Internet(Fair Usage Policy Limit - Original).
  • Now Click on 'Add Bytes'.
  • You will be shown high speed BSNL Broadband Top Up Plans to get high speed browsing with FUP Limit
  • Select the required 'BSNL Broadband Speed Top Up Plan' as per your usage from drop down menu and Click on 'Go'
  • You will get a message about completion of 'Broadband Speed Top Up', then restart your BSNL Modem and enjoy high speed browsing.

(Click/Tap to Zoom Image)

We hope this article would help you to understand the detailed procedure for BSNL Broadband Speed / Data Top Up facility at any time through online portal / link.

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Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about this latest facility via comments with us. How many of you are using BSNL Broadband Services?

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  1. I am a subscriber of unlimited bsnl broadband yet even after updating my speed to 10gb from the above given link. My internet speed doesn't seem improve. Could it be because of the operator in my zone ie. Manipur Imphal? My login id is m3852435171. Kindly help at the earliest possibility.....!!!

  2. hello. My plan exhausted and I declined the offer. The connectivity shown was limited. Then I restarted the modem and speed was reduced to 512kbps. Although this time I checked speedtest and its again showing 2 mbps. Is bsnl playing with me? are they going to charge?

  3. For ubuntu users, there is a one liner code.
    First install curl
    apt-get install -y curl
    Then in a command shell terminal copy paste this ,

    notify-send "BSNL Internet Data Plan "$(curl -s | head -n 121 | tail -n1 | awk '{ print $1$2 }' | sed 's/<[^>]\+>//g')" Remaining"

    1. Change the '' according to your area/region.
    2. In some cases, change the line number '121' , by looking usage.php

  4. you bsnl played marketing strategy i m going my strategy by cutting my bb conxn

  5. For over 20 years I have been loyally availing of the broadband services of BSNL. Never in the past two decades, BSNL talked about top up/ reach of speed limit/ availing of top up and so on. The plan I opted for is "unlimited" plan.If restrictions are to be imposed, it is time to say 'Good my BSNL". BSNL should bear in mind that when milk is cheap it is ridiculous to own a cup. Who can stop one if he is determined to dig his own grave. Good Luck BSNL.